Spare Parts and Repair Items for Camping Equipment

Awning and Tent repairs:

Repair items and kit for tents, awnings and tarps.  Range includes Nylon and Canvas Tent Repair Kits, Grommet Kits: Snap Fastener kits: Mosquito netting

Coleman Parts:

Replacement glass, parts and mantles for Coleman Dual Fuel camping lanterns and stoves.  Range includes Filler caps, Funnels, Repair kits and Generators for all Coleman Northstar lanterns, 533 Sportster Stoves, 424-700 Unleaded stoves, Powerhouse lanterns.

Primus Spares:

Service kits and mantles for Primus lanterns and Stoves.

Gas cylinders and fuel for Camping Stoves:

Range of gas cylinders from Coleman, Primus and Go-Gas for camping stoves. We also have Coleman fuel and Lamp Oil for Camping Lanterns.

Maglite Bulbs:

Genuine Maglite replacement Magnum Star and White Star bulbs for the Solitaire, Mini Maglite, C Cell and D-Cell torches.

Victorinox Spares:

Miscellaneous spare parts for the Victorinox range of Swiss Army pocket knives. Includes toothpicks, pens and scissor springs.

UCO Candle Lantern Spares:

Replacement glass chimney’s and globes for UCO Candle lanterns.

McNett Fabric Care Products:

McNett produce an extensive range of maintenance and repair kits for camping equipment and footwear.  Includes re-proofers, sealing tapes, zip care lubricant and more

Duracell Batteries:

The ones with the copper coloured top! Duracell batteries are the ideal power source for many flashlights and head-torches. Don’ t leave home without any spares!

Rescue Tape:

A self-fusing silicon repair tape with a multitude of uses. Will repair hoses in the engine bay, insulate electrical wiring or wrap round your tool handle. Choice of colours, absolutely essential in the tool box.

Repair Tapes:

Various self-amalgamating and self-fusing tapes for emergency repairs. 



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