Everything for the Camping Kitchen: 

Whether embarking on an overland journey or simply heading of camping for the weekend you will need to be able prepare, cook, eat and drink at the chosen campsite.  Our range of camp cooking equipment offers versatility and robust solutions for preparation and cooking at camp on stoves or over open fires. Combined with a unique selction of camping tableware and cutlery. 

Ghillie Kettles:

Maverick, Explorer and Adventurer models in Aluminium and Hard Anodised finish.  We also have the cook kits and other Ghillie kettles accessories.  

Cast Iron Cookware: Fry pans and Griddles:

Cast Iron fry pans, skillets and griddles are great for use on the camp fire. You can also find the cast Iron fry pan lids here

Cast Iron Cookware: Dutch Ovens:

Classic camping cookware, the Dutch Oven offers a multitude of uses for outdoor cooking. We have various sizes and pre-seasoned models to choose from.  We also stock Dutch Oven lid lifters and rests. Cast Iron Cookware care advice can also be found here.

Campfire Grills and Tri-Pods:

A comprehensive range of over the fire camp grills suitable for backpacking, motorcycle touring, overlanding and group camping. From lightweight grills to heavy duty models.  For more traditional camp cooking or just some fun in the garden we have a choice of steel Tri-pods or lightweight folding Tri-pods with integrated grill.  

Portable BBQ:

A selected range of compact folding BBQ’s ideally suited to camping and vehicle based travel, from the uniquely simple Grilliput, the style of Esbit or the classic PicNic from Ferraboli.

Coleman Dual Fuel Stoves:

Coleman petrol stoves are in use throughout the world for the simple reason they work well.  Availability in the UK is now limited to just a couple of models, the 424-700 double and the 533 Sportster single stove. Millions of Campers, travellers, fishermen and outdoorsmen cannot be wrong!

Gas Camping Stoves:

Gas powered stoves offer a simple, clean and often quick means of cooking and boiling water at camp.  If you are sure of being able to obtain the gas you need this option maybe for you.  We offer a range of compact stoves that attach onto most types of commonly available gas cylinder (Coleman, Primus etc).  These are ideal for backpacking and lightweight camping.  For more than one person use you are likely to need at least two gas rings and we have a range of Camping Gaz and Primus Stoves. These will be run from a larger refillable gas cylinder.

Multifuel Camping Stoves:

Only available as single burners these stoves are designed for expedition use when one single fuel supply may not be possible or suitable for the conditions.  Generally allows liquid fuels such as Petrol, Paraffin and occasionally Diesel to be used as well small LPG cylinders.  Ideal for overland travellers, campers and backpackers who are planning to get off the beaten track.

Diesel Camping Stoves:

Unfortunately these are like rocking horse doo dah. Some multifuel stoves will offer the option of running on diesel but finding a dedicated diesel camping stove is not possible. Would suggest you avoid vintage ex army kit that claims to work - more trouble than it's worth

Camping Cookware:

We have yet to find one single cooking pot that covers all eventualities when camping.  The most versatile are often the nesting cooksets that offer cooking pots and fry pans as one set. These camping cooksets are not for everybody so we can offer specialised camping options such as lightweight griddles, single multi-pots, Fry pans, Billy cans and even a compact camping pressure cooker.  This camping cookware comes in a choice of Aluminium, Hard Anodised, Non-Stick or Stainless Steel finishes. We stock a range of camping cookware products from Beaver Brand, Coleman, Coghlans, Esbit, GSI Outdoors and Zebra

Camping Kettles:

Compact Camping kettles, Coffee Percolators and Tea pots.  Good choice here for the campsite with a range of ‘boiling devices’ suitable for use on camping stoves, wood burners, open fires etc.  We offer collapsible, stainless steel, enamel and aluminium kettles and coffee pots for travellers and campers.

Camping Cutlery:

Having cooked it you need to be able to eat it! From lightweight polycarbonate and titanium alloy cutlery, traditional stainless steel sets to compact folding units we offer a good selection of camping cutlery.  Products from Baladeo, Esbit, GSI Outdoors, Primus, Relags and Sea To Summit.

Camping Tableware:

Plates, bowls, mugs, cups and glasses in various sizes and shapes for camping, backpacking and travelling.  A choice of Enamelware for a traditional feel and use around the camp fire or Melamine for a lightweight and a ‘warmer’ feel.  We also have stainless steel options as well and insulated thermo mugs and bowls for the colder situations.  Don’t miss our range of polycarbonate and stainless steel drinking ‘glasses’ Ideal for camping, overlanding, caravanning etc.  Products from GSI Outdoors, Relags, Waca and Zebra

Camp Kitchen Utility and Food Preparation:

The simple things you need when running the camp kitchen, from cooking tools to space saving folding bowls. 

Camping Food Storage:

Everything you need to carry and store your food in a safe way.  Our range of carrying solutions is varied from food-safe stainless steel containers to the many varied options Nalgene containers provide.  Nalgene offers all campers and travellers a means to carry virtually any food (in almost any quantity) in a safe and almost unbreakable storage jar or bottle.  Used by millions of travellers including Touring Gear!!  Products from Relags, Nalgene, GSI Outdoors and Zebra.

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