Campsite Lighting:

Often with no mains power you are wholly reliant on some form of camping lantern. These are available in many guises and some lanterns are better suited to the purpose than others. If size is not so important the light output from the Coleman Dual Fuel camping lanterns is superb.  If space and weight are a priority a small gas lantern maybe the answer.  Candle lanterns are another option for compact light sources and offer a ‘softer light’ offering a little ‘ambiance’ around the campsite in the evening.   If you wish to avoid a flame then battery powered camping lanterns are the answer.  For low light and long life we stock Krill Lamps.  We have a good selection of Flashlights, both LED and incandescent along with a useful head torches offering a hands free option, very useful when camping.

Camping Lanterns - Petrol / Liquid Fuel:

Offering huge light output, Coleman dual fuel lanterns will easily illuminate your campsite as well as using the same fuel supply as the Coleman stoves.  For more traditional camp lighting checkout the Feuerhand Storm Lanterns. 

Camping Lanterns – LP Gas:

For most backpackers or motorcycle campers size is key and the only real option will be compact camping lanterns that run from gas cylinders. These lanterns offer compact size, sometimes a mesh globe and often enough output to illuminate a small campsite. 

Camping Lanterns – Battery:

Battery technology has improved over the last few years and these improvements are filtering through to camping lanterns, coupled with LED knowhow which extends the life of the battery pack this type of lantern offers a 99.9% safe way of lighting up the tent.  Battery camping lanterns are Ideal if you are travelling and camping with kids.  

Candle Lanterns:

A simple way of adding some light to an area, candle lanterns offer a relaxed light without the noise and glare of dual fuel or gas lanterns.  In the case of UCO candle lanterns you also have the opportunity to burn citronella candles to aid with the dispersal of the local insect population.

Krill Lamps:

These specialist lamps are favourite when wholly safe and low intensity lighting is required.  Krill produce a number of variants, all of which can be supplied by request. Traditionally we stock the Krill Extreme lamps; these are available in various colours and offer either 180 or 360 degrees of illumination.

Flashlights and Head Torches:

In various sizes and shapes flashlights, and to some extent head torches, have evolved dramatically over the last few years with the onset of LED Technology. Our range covers the traditional Maglite models along with the newer LED versions and flashlight models from Gerber and Coleman.  Head torches really make life easy around the campsite allowing a hands free approach to camping at night. Perfect when you need to eat dinner, read or work under the motor at night.  

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