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Candle Lanterns

Candle lantern use:

Candle Lanterns provide a nice comfortable ambient light around the campsite without the harsh glare and 'daylight' of the more powerful petrol and gas lanterns.  

When used in conjunction with Citronella candles or patches both the UCO and Bushlite candle lanterns offer Mossie repelling attributes.  They also generate a small amount of heat which used carefully will take the chill from a cold tent.

UCO candle lanterns will only burn UCO candles whereas the Bushlite candle lanterns will burn any standard candle cut down if necessary to fit

Candle lantern spares and accessories:

We try and keep spare and accessories for all Candle lanterns that we sell, if you are unable to locate the part you need please contact us.


We have been advised that this brand has now ceased manufacture in South Africa. There is still limited stock available on some of the spares and accessories. 

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