Expedition Food Option:

Some journeys will require you to carry in your own food from day one. On other journeys it maybe that you only need a small quantity emergency rations for back up.  There are really two options, either you take ready meals (MRE in military talk) or dehydrated / freeze dried meals.   The two options require different cooking arrangements so some consideration to your circumstances (whether camping, backpacking or overlanding) needs to be planned for.

Wayfayrer Meals:

Wayfayrer meals are ready prepared in foil containers and only require heating before being served. The Wayfayrer menu is suitable for any number of activities, Camping, D of E, Scouting and Guiding, Overlanding right through to Emergency Preparedness planning.  Wayfayrer meals come in a number of main meal flavours with some dessert options as well.  Just what you need when sitting around the campfire

Reiter Travellunch – Lightweight Food:

Reiter produce a range of Freeze dried main meals, vegetarian meals, desserts, snacks and drinks for adventurers who require a lightweight food option for expedition and camping use.  They are equally suitable for any lightweight travellers, cyclists, backpackers etc.  Simply add the required water to the pouch and wait.

Growers Cup:

Specialty coffee in easy to prepare bags, ideal for any traveller.  The Growers Cup system offers an innovative way to carry your favourite coffee.  Each bag contains a roast from individual growers and will brew about 0.5lt of Coffee.  Requires hot water and a mug to enjoy, simples!

Snacks, Condiments, Oils etc:

Selection of compact salt and pepper shakers and other spices all aimed at camping and travelling. Includes waterproof condiment containers, herb and spice mixes, cooking oils, snacks and Jerky.

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