Packing for overland travel and expeditions:

All camping gear, food, personal items and spares need to be carried safely and securely. For your protection in event the vehicle is involved in an accident, to minimise damage to your gear whilst in transit and to help prevent some oik from stealing your kit that has been left lying about in your motor.  Touring Gear stock a range of quality packing solutions with this in mind.

Small Protective boxes:

These smaller cases are perfect for storing essential documents, first aid kit or smaller electronic items. Some are simple boxes others are actually watertight and crushproof.  Waterproof boxes will also keep out the dust essential in harsh desert environments.

Large Plastic Storage Boxes:

Typically the best type of case has always been made for the military or logistics industry and then adopted by overlanders.  The benefits of this pedigree are apparent after a few months of rough handling and exposure to the sun.  Most cheap DIY plastic boxes do not offer any kind of UV resistance, are thinner and often not square shaped thus losing packing space. 

Good quality boxes such as the euro containers we sell are available in various sizes, with or without lids and are usually stackable. They are very robust and are a good long-term investment for storing your camping and overlanding kit.  These boxes are not waterproof unless stated in most cases they will be watertight.

Zarges Aluminium Boxes:

Zarges have been manufacturing Aluminium products for some years. Zarges boxes have been used by Camel Trophy, Overlanders, The Military and the logistics industry for years.  We stock the Eurobox range; there are others available of much higher specification (and price).

Dry Storage Kegs:

Another product from the packing and logistics industry, these kegs make superb storage for overlanders and expeditions.  These kegs all have a secure waterproof seal created by the screw down lid. Available in various sizes, either round or square they are ideal for the safe storage of essential kit for adventure travel, expeditions and overlanding. 

They are also used as a mobile washing machine. Put your dirty kit in with some water and liquid detergent, do the lid up tight and drive for a couple of hours, rinse your kit and dry.  A perfect overlander washing machine.

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