Personal Gear and Equipment.

We call this gear ‘personal’ because unlike vehicle specific kit or camping stoves this is the kit you will likely have ‘hands on’ more often as not. As such it will need to be just right and fit in your hand or on your person in some way.

Bush Tools:

A selection of shovels, spades, axes and saws designed for camping and bush craft use. Fully functional kit mostly will be kept in the vehicle until needed.

Bush tools from Gerber, Fiskars, EKA, Glock, Trailblazer and others.

Multitools and Knives:

Selection of pocket Multitools and knives, designed to be carried on or about the person from simple key ring tools through to ‘survival’ type knives.

Multi-tools and knives from Victorinox, Gerber, Dajo, Hultafors and others.

Survival Equipment:

Equipment for the ‘what happens if ‘scenario. It’s worth storing this in a grab-kit* in the vehicle or making up emergency preparedness kits** for use at home.

Survival Gear from AMK

Fire lighting Devices and Aids:

Essentially a range of waterproof and windproof matches, fire steels and lighters.

Fire starting kit from Relags, Light my Fire, Primus and others

Travel Wash Kit:

No need to be grubby on your travels, this range covers washing kit bags, travel towels, travel soap and other hygiene essentials for camping and travel.

Travel wash kit from Sea to Summit, Relags, Ortlieb and others

Insect avoidance:

You will be amazed at where the bugs and flying insects appear from, some of this stuff will keep them at bay. From simple purpose flies*** to more serious mosquito’s our range of insect repellent both natural and Deet alternatives will hopefully have the answer.

Insect repellents and sprays from Craghoppers, Travelsafe, Careplus and others

Hip Flasks:

Essential storage for the safe keeping of all important lubricants!! Our range of hip and pocket flasks may not always be that comfortable ‘on the hip’ but will easily fit most pockets and keep that all essential warming nectar close to hand. 

Safe Keeping:

Very important that you look after your money, documents etc. We have a range of travel bags and padlocks (TSA Approved), can safes and vehicle safes for storing and hiding your travel documents.

Travel safe items from McNett, Pacsafe and Relags.

*Grab kit:

Small box or keg, ideally waterproof and stashed in the vehicle, fairly easily to hand but secure so that in an emergency, fire, flood etc. you can grab the kit and make sure you have all you need. Recommended contents include: Emergency supplies (rations, medicines etc). Shelter. Copy of important documents. Cash stash / Credit card. Prepaid mobile. Pen Knife. Fire lighting tool. Torch

** Emergency Preparedness:

A step up from the grab kit but worth considering for any scenario where you house or home is at risk of natural catastrophe. Best kept in a secure water tight container this kit would include rations, lighting, cooking, first aid, copies of essential documents, cash / credit card, shelter / survival bags etc.

***Purpose Flies:

So named because they annoy you on b####y purpose!

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