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Multi-Tools and Knives

Pocket Knives, Multi-tools, Survival Knives and Sharpeners:

Our range of multi-tools, pocket knives, survival knives and sharpeners is designed to offer a selection to the most popular features to the adventure traveller. 

Multi-tools generally do what they say ‘on the label’ and offer a number of options from pliers to scissors.  Multi-tools are versatile bits of kit but usually bulkier and often heavier to carry than a pocket knife and this may need to be considered when choosing.

Pocket Knives come in all shapes and sizes from simple designs like the Opinel which has a single folding blade to the multi-layered types of Swiss Army knives.  These knives offer a range of functions form simple cutting to toothpicks and tweezers (handy for getting splinters out!)

Survival Knives are a step up from pocket knives and not necessarily suited to all uses.  They will however offer a number of functions that could prove useful in wilderness situations.

Knife and Blade Sharpeners are a necessity. Wholly pointless having a knife that is blunt; it is unsafe and will not work well when needed.  Keep one handy to ensure a good edge on your blade at all times.

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