Used Overland & Expedition Equipment For Sale

Surplus kit in the garage, clutter in the loft or even a spare fully equipped Unimog on the drive?  Well now you can sell them here.  For a very modest fee you can expose your kit to the world, or upwards of the 1500 or so (and growing) people who look at the site each week anyway.

Sellers - Here is how it works.  If you have camping or related expedition or safari kit you want to sell, e-mail us the details.  Send through a product description and contact details (either phone or e-mail or both).  We will need a couple of images as well, ideally resized to a maximum of 900 x 900

pixels in jpg format.  If you cannot resize we can do it for you but it will cost a little more.  Do not send any images in a zip file or folder of any kind, we will assume they are infected and ditch them accordingly.

We do not want the item here and we will not collect payment for you. We will not take any commission or take part in the sale in any way, shape or form.  We will merely display approved adverts, any sale or transaction of any kind is between yourselves and the purchaser.

Send the images through to us at the e-mail below. Include two images of the item, a product description, the price you want and your contact details.

Once we have seen these and approved them you will then be asked to buy the advert by purchasing through the shopping cart.  We will collect payment and place the advert for the world to see.

The advert will run for 4 weeks from the time it is first displayed. We can always take it down earlier if you want us to, just drop us an e-mail to advise removal.  If it has not sold and you want to continue the listing for another 4 weeks another relist fee will be required.

Send your sale items to

Listing fees are detailed in the section.

Buyers - Here is what we do.  We are merely listing items for sale at the request of the seller.  We are not endorsing, offering a warranty or guaranteeing the products in any way. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any dealings you have with the seller or any items you may purchase.  If for any reason you feel that you have been misinformed or that the seller appears less than honest please notify us.

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