Water: Storing | Using

Water: Storing | Purification | Using

Carriage, purification and storage of safe drinking water is essential for all travellers when off the beaten track or where conventional supplies are less than reliable.  Touring Gear has a wide selection of water Jerry Cans ideal for overlanders and campers alike.   Alternatively we also have water bags and collapsible / folding water jerry cans, ideal for motorcycle camping or backpackers due to their compact size when not required.

Storing - Water:

Selection of Water Jerry Cans for overlanding, camping, caravanning etc.  Range includes Huenersdorff wide mouth Jerry cans and Jerry cans with Taps: Reliance square, stackable Aquatainer Jerry Cans: MOD Type water jerry cans:  Swiss Army water bags: Ortlieb water sacks:

Water - Purification:

There are many water purification systems available for camping and overlanding.  Look closely at their capabilities and your intended location.  One of the most portable and suitable for overlanders is the Lifesaver Jerrycan system.  Other methods are simple filtration and purification treatment tablets such as Aquamira and Katadyn.

Water - Using:

The need for lightweight kit when camping applies equally to the use of water around the campsite. Touring Gear’s selection of camping showers, folding bowls and other kit are ideal for overlanders, backpackers and others who need compact, lightweight kit for their travels.  Quality equipment from Ortlieb, Sea To Summit and Relags. 

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