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Touring Gear (originally 4x4 Touring Gear) was founded in October 2001 to supply camping equipment to overland travellers.  We started importing Kiwi Camping tents from New Zealand and built the range of camping accessories from that time. 

Over the last few years our range has expanded to include most of the camping hardware you are likely to need.  Alongside this we offer all the associated 4x4 equipment needed for a successful overland trip.  Our goal is to always provide our customers with a single source for all the necessary camping equipment for vehicle based overland travel, whether touring the UK, mainland Europe, Scandinavia, Africa or Asia. 

We have grown since those early days and now stock a diverse range of unique kit suitable for many outdoor users.  This range of kit continues to grow as we seek to be a one stop supplier for overlanders, you can see the full menu here if you haven’t already discovered it.

In April 2015, Touring Gear changed ownership and became Touring Gear LTD. This change also meant that the business was relocated to Arborfield Cross near Reading, and still offers the same products and friendly advice when required. We are also hoping to add to the product offering in the future.

The equipment we stock has been selected because it works; we know this because we use it ourselves. Some of it will wear out with use over time and need replacing, but we do not stock lots of budget equipment that will not take the rigours of camping and travel in harsh environments, we make no apology for not selling cheap stuff, others can do this!! We aim to sell only quality camping and expedition equipment at reasonable prices and by doing so can offer fair advice, guarantees and back up.

Our policy is to stock the equipment so it can be delivered when you need it. We do not take your order then buy in from a supplier taking 3–4 weeks to deliver as some on-line suppliers will do. When you order from us we try to ensure you have the products within 3-4 days. There are some exceptions to this stocking policy and these should be clearly marked for your information in the product details. We also occasionally run out of stock or have difficulty in replacing some items when the stock does run out. The web site will only allow you to place an order for items that are currently in stock and will also prevent you ordering more items than are available. If this happens or you are experiencing any other difficulties placing an order, please contact us and we will endeavour to resolve any issue as soon as possible.

Touring Gear Services

How can we help you?

Primarily Touring Gear customers order online with very little interaction unless querying stock, seeking advice or confirming an order.

We supply camping equipment to various organisations such as schools, local authorities and emergency services as well as camping folk and overlanders.  These orders range from supplying spare parts for Coleman camping stoves and lanterns (here if you need them) to ‘Full Provisioning’ services for overland clients. This service involves providing advice on selecting the relevant kit from our range and supplying all the items, ready packed, delivered to the vehicle builders.  Between our service and that of the vehicle preparation company the client simply flies in with his personal items and drives away. 

We can supply from our own kit, or source specific items from third party suppliers if required, pack all the boxes and provide a full inventory.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.  


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