New Camping Gear

As the new gear arrives in we will try and give an overview of them here, bit of a 'heads up' really.

Coleman CPX 6 Compatible.

We now have stock of this new range of Coleman lanterns, flashlights and torches.  We have in the past been wary of battery powered camping lights, they have not always performed well in relation to other types of lantern and if they fail at the wrong time and you are out of batteries you are stuck!  With the advent of LED and impovements in battery technology over the last few years things have improved though.

This new range from Coleman offers a very good solution to this problem and one that is ideally suited to vehicle based travelers.  These units are all CPX6 Compatible.  This is a new system from coleman that means all compatible devices will not only run from the standard D Cell / LR20 batteries but also from a rechargeable powerpack.  This can be charged from mains or 12volt sources and all the relevant leads are in the box with the powerpack.  In theory you need never run out of batteries again.  You can see the range here.


We have just taken delivery of a number of new items from Hunersdorff.  Starting with the safe carriage of Fuel and oil we have added a number of products.

We have a range of small fuel cans.  Sized from 0.5lt upto 2.0lt these cans are extremely tough and designed for the safe carriage of fuel and oil. Ideally suited to carrying small amounts of fuel for stoves, they also work very well for storing essential fluids for the vehicle or alternatively for motorcycle fuel back up.  This range is called 'FuelFriend' and is available now online.

There are new 10lt and 20lt plastic fuel jerry cans that will be ideal for all you folk fed up with old steel cans and they are sized to fit into standard jerry can holders.

We have added an Oil Drain Tray for when you are servicing your own motor, this will collect waste oil and allow for correct enviromental disposal.

We have two new water jerry cans to show this year, a 10lt and 20lt model. These cans are made from food safe HD-PE and have a innovative way of carrying the tap.  You can see the full range of water storage and associated equipment here.

New Storage Options:

Changes to the supply chain with our previous box supplier has led us to source new kit, and we have done well with this.  We can now offer an increased range of sizes all based on the 'Eurocontainer' sizing.  Great pricing too, the main difference with these boxes is that the lids are not attached, these are purchased separately to suit your needs. They start with the 10lt 40cm x 30cm size going upto 80lt  60cm x 40cm size.

These storage boxes are made for industrial use not to be confused with cheap poorly made product intended for the home DIY market.  These are extremely robust. Feel free to come and see us and if you are not certain you can try the boxes in the back of your motor to see what fits best.

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