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We receive a number of requests for free kit in exchange for various offers of ‘media exposure through our charity overland trip’.   We try and look at all these and asses the real value, not only to the charity but to us as well.  The reality is that we receive very little, if anything at all, in exchange for you having our sticker on your motor so all proposals are scrutinised carefully.

Undertaking a 12 month overland trip through Africa and spending 2-3 weeks working for charities along the way, as well intentioned as this may be, does not really do a great deal for us and we would be unable to offer any support for this type of venture.

We will look at all applications submitted to asses their value but due to the increasing number received individual responses are not always possible.

  • For us to offer help with equipment the main focus of your trip needs to be the Charity for whom you are working. 
  • We would expect at least 65% of the time away to involve charity work.  
  • We will need information on the charity involved.
  • You need a website to promote this trip and keep everyone updated. 
  • You need to have media coverage in place.

Support for these trips is likely to be in the form of discount on equipment, this maybe through us or through the equipment supplier who in turn may have there own criteria.

Please send your proposal to us at Touring Gear LTD for review and further consideration.

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